Sunday, August 11, 2013

Wedding Bells, well actually, Wedding Cakes

People might think I'm crazy (or narcissistic), but I really wanted to make my own wedding cakes. My grandmother told me no. Absolutely NO. However, being the nontraditional couple Terry and I are, we decided to get married with a very limited crowd and then nearly a month later we would have a reception. I do recommend this to everyone. It made so many things possible. A limited budget, a stress-free wedding day, and yes, even a homemade wedding cake were now possibilities. So, we all plowed through the planning and ultimately ended up with the most magical and wonderful evening. About the cakes...

Vanilla is a standard for any gathering, and it is perfectly complimented by the most controllable, tasty vanilla buttercream. I knew this was my only option for a large and in-charge cake for 50 or more people. I had a few trial cakes too. YUM. 

Oh, and did I forget to mention a Groom's Cake? Simply the yummiest cake of all time.

Below are the final products. The vanilla cake has three layers of cake in each tier. It was surprisingly moist. I say surprisingly, because I froze the cake and frosted it while it was still mostly frozen and simply left it out to thaw on the day of the reception. (so much easier). The cupcakes were a choice based on convenience. I have used the same recipe for cakes, and while it works pretty well, it is sometimes just too moist to be layered. If you're wondering, the stand is comprised of boxes that I hot-glued and covered with burlap fabrics. Pretty creative if I do say so myself. (shamelessly patting myself on the back).

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